Water machines

"Water machines"

Hissing jets of water, which are sprayed in all directions by the sculptures of Jean Tinguely’s “carnival fountain” in Basel, Switzerland, form white light patterns in the back light. The dynamics of water, light and color together with my fast camera movements let the water machines appear as living creatures. They inhabit, cruise and investigate a surreal water world, in which they communicate by fountains of water and are able to connect in a kind of society in this way. In these images, I explore the interplay and contrast of the alive and the inanimate and try to visualize a surreal resolution of this contrast.

The image series "water machines" has been exhibited from 8. Januar to 13. Januar 2015 at Photo15 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Every image is available for sale as part of a limited edition of 5 prints. Please contact me, if you have any questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you!