"MétARTmorphoses" : Auditive Part and Piano by Barbara Mayer (Live Recording)


„MétARTmorphoses“ is an interdisciplinary multidimensional work of art presenting the aesthetic metamorphosis and interplay of natural and living plants including leaves, flowers, and cactus into a vegetation-like but artificial landscape by interacting visual and musical transformation processes. As the presentation of natural scenes evokes immediate connotations of the impressionist era, the piano composition part is based on inspirations of impressionist features such as special timbristic colourings expressing the pictorial qualities of the photographs. These inspirations are collage-like integrated into a Contemporary musical setting reflecting tonally the visual collage emerging out of the artificialization process with its particular lighting and multiple exposure techniques. An introductory sequence of sonorous chord columns creating a dense atmosphere by the resonance of shimmering overtones demonstrates the apparently static still life of the ”leaf scenery“. A fine melodic theme appearing above the foundation of this floating sound layer leads to extensive vertical and horizontal evolutions in the form of multiple rhythmic, timbristic and harmonic proliferations involving the keyboard`s complete range and illustrating the beginning of the polydimensional conversion. Recurring fragments of this melodic motif fitted into the Contemporary soundscape are reminisciences of the „natural“, original state of the leaves within the framework of the progressively artificialized visual „leaf-cape“. Stinging dynamical accents correlate to special photographic effects whereas floating rhythms correspond to the running colours of the computational water-painting technique. Extremely subtle tonal colorations reconcile both visual and musical colour dimensions. The metamorphosis is perfected by delicate, punctual sounds - the fine art leaves are born.

In addition, my images "MetARTmorphoses" visualized the chamber music played by the musicians

Duo Anja Bartos (violine) – Barbara Mayer (piano) & friends:
Anouchka Hack, violoncello
Katharina Hack, piano
Susanne Kapfer, soprano

at the Gasteig in Munich on Oct 4th, 2015.

Each image is available for sale as part of a limited and signed edition of 5 prints. Please contact me, if you have any questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you!