A Harbour Crane Approaches Zurich !

Carefully placing one foot in front of the other, a harbour crane walks slowly like a gigantic creature through the streets of Zurich. Curiously, it turns its head and its crane arm like a huge antenna to sense, where to go next. It seems that the machine decided based on its own free will - despite or just because of the big rejection from many sides - to make a trip to Zurich. After its retirement from its work at the Baltic Sea, the crane now spends the evening of its life visiting exotic places to learn about historical seas. Despite its immense height and weight, however, the harbour crane seems to be quite friendly and open-minded.

Due to my great fascination for old machines and also due to the huge controversial discussion about the art project of relocating a harbour crane to Zurich by “Zürich Transit Maritim”, I was very much looking forward to the reconstruction of the crane in April 2014 at the Limmat river side. When I saw the crane the first time, it appeared to me immediately as a living creature with a curious mind exploring Zurich. The huge contrast of its colours, shapes and textures with those of its surroundings gives the crane an immense vividness that I wanted to portray in a unique image series. By using a longer shutter speed and by making rapid movements while pressing the shutter, I created a dynamic series of images of a huge walking crane with a moving and rotating crane arm. However, many beautiful details become visible by taking a closer look at the images. The fine structures of the crane's ladders, lamps and rails appear almost as being painted in pastel-like cyan, green, orange and violet hues. The series, as presented, shows a few sequences from a stop motion movie comprising around 300 individual images of the walking harbour crane.

The image series " A harbour crane approaches Zurich! " was exhibited from July 24th to August 10th, 2014 at Photobastei in Zurich. You can still visit it online at the Online Sandbox Gallery.

Every image is available for sale as part of a limited edition of 5 prints. Please contact me, if you have any questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you!